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Silver and Blue Garden Designs for the home garden, Landscaping designs

    Silver and Blue Garden Designs for the home garden, Landscaping designs

    If you yearn for a special place of relaxation and contemplation, consider planting this garden of silvery foliage and calming shades of lavender and blue. Este
    Serene, cool-palette garden includes touches of white and soft yellow for accent. Many of these perennials are wonderfully fragrant—the scented blossoms of Lavender, Dianthus, and Butterfly Bush partner with the aromatic foliage of the Caryopteris, Artemisia, and Perovskia. As daylight starts to dim, silver, blue, and other pale shades begin to glow and continue to do so well after twilight. All these features make this a perfect garden to plant near your patio or deck. And when summer is over, the delicate, silvery branches of the Butterfly Bush, Caryopteris, Perovskia, and Artemisia and the graceful fountain of Japanese Silver Grass (Miscanthus sinensis ‘Sarabande’) will provide winter interest. Except for the Delphiniums and Anemones, which enjoy a little more moisture and fertility, these perennials do just fine in average, well-drained soil with moderate moisture and at least six hours of sun. The only difficulty in creating your silver and blue retreat is choosing from dozens of beautiful perennial candidates. Let this plan be your starting point.

    Helpful hints

    • Add Blue Spruces, Atlas Cedars, or creeping Blue Junipers to this garden for winter interest.
    • Be sure to give the Buddleias plenty of space; they grow fast and need at least four feet of free space on all sides.
    • Well-drained soil with moderate moisture will ensure healthy and abundant growth in your restful retreat.
    • Planting Delphiniums close to each other will give the plants support without needing staking.

    to. Anemone sylvertris
    b. Artemisia ‘powis castle’
    c. Artemisai ‘silver brocade ‘
    d. Aster ‘ Professor Anton Kippenberg ‘
    and. Buddleia ‘white profusion’
    F. Campanula ‘blue uniform’
    g. Caryoptersis ‘longwood blue’
    h. Coreopsis ‘moon beam’
    Yo. Delphinium ‘bellamosum’
    j. Delphinium ‘mf sky blue’
    k. Dianthus ‘aqua’
    he. Lavandula ‘hidcote’
    m. Miscanthus ‘sarabande’
    no. Perovskia ‘filagran’
    either. Physostegia ‘crown of snow’
    p. Playcodon ‘mariesii’

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