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Privacy Garden Designs for the home garden, Landscaping designs

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    Privacy Garden Designs for the home garden, Landscaping designs

    If your property has more exposure to traffic, neighbors, or passersby than you like, you can create a living fence using a mixture of tall ornamental Grasses, flowering
    shrubs, and large, colorful perennials. Although the diagram indicates a corner location, the recommended plantings could be reconfigured to fit a long border or any other situation. One of the most attractive aspects of this design is that it grows more beautiful as summer passes. The ornamental Grasses come into their own in late summer and early fall, when the graceful plumes of their seed heads shoot up and unfurl. Best of all, these last well into winter, providing interest when the rest of the garden is dormant. Leave the silvery stems of the Buddleias and Perovskias in place as well; they look beautiful dusted with snow and make good cold-weather companions to the Grasses. In the spring, simply cut down the dry Grass, prune back the shrubby perennials, and you’re set for a new season of growth. This design works best in a sunny area and requires only well-drained soil and moderate moisture. So if you need an alternative to an expensive, labor-intensive privacy fence, this garden plan might be your answer.

    Helpful hints

    • Add in a barrier of tall flowering shrubs such as Weigela, Spirea, Ceanothus, or Lilac.
    • If you enjoy ornamental Grasses and have the room, add in extras such as Miscanthus sinensis ‘Gracillimus’ or ‘Yaku Jima,’ and Calamagrostis arundinacea.
    • Plant this garden next to your patio or deck, or in the yard to provide shade, block nuisance views, and add beauty to your landscape.
    • Be sure to give plenty of space between the Grasses and the Buddleias—they grow fast. Do not transplant until well after they are established.
    • The Saccharum is very tall. If your space is limited, you may wish to use miscanthus ‘Sarabande’ or calamagrostis ‘Karl Foerster’ in its place.


    to. Alcea ‘singles mix’
    b. Buddleia ‘black knight’
    c. Buddleis ‘nanho purple’
    d. Buddleia ‘pink delight’
    and. Calamagrostis ‘karl terster’
    F. Heliopsis ‘summer sun’
    g. mallow ‘dawn’
    h. Malva alcea var. fastigata
    Yo. Miscanthus ‘sarabande’
    j. Monrda ‘marchall’s deliht’
    k. Perovskia ‘filagran’
    he. Saccharum ravennae

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