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Prairie Garden Designs for the home garden, Landscaping designs

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    Prairie Garden Designs for the home garden, Landscaping designs

    Against a backdrop of gently swaying tall Grasses, this garden recreates the look of a prairie wildflower meadow. Make sure you have enough room for the Saccharum Grass—it gets huge! If space is limited, you may want to use Calamagrostis `Karl Foerster’ in its place. Give this garden a full day’s sun and average soil. Before planting, clear the area of ​​existing grass or weeds. After you have installed the perennials, sow seeds of a nonaggressive Grass, such as Little Bluestem, between them. These will grow into tufts of pretty meadow Grass, lending even more of a naturalistic look while helping to suppress weeds. Just a late-winter cutting of the dried Grasses and stalks is all the maintenance you’ll need to do. Since all of these wildflowers are from sturdy stock, they’ll need supplemental watering only during periods of drought. From midsummer through fall, this little piece of prairie will sing with color.

    Helpful Hints

    • If you don’t have enough room for the Saccharum Grass or if you live in Zone 4 or 5, you can substitute calamagrostis arundinacea or Calamagrostis’Karl Foerster.’
    • To create a genuine natural effect, plant varieties of the native trees and shrubs of your area into your Natural Selections landscape.
    • All of the perennials in this garden can make excellent cut flower bouquets. Pick the blossoms soon before or after they open for longer-lasting displays.
    • If allowed to set seed, many of the prairie perennials such as Coreopsis, Rudbeckia, Liatris, and Echinacea will rapidly naturalize into the landscape.


    to. Achillea ‘Appleblossom’
    b. Achillea ‘Summer Pastels’
    c. Aster ‘Alma Poschke’
    d. Aster ‘Professor Anton Kippenberg’
    and. Aster ‘Purple dome’
    F. Boltonia ;Snowbank’
    g. Calamagrostis ‘Karl Foerster’
    h. Coreopsis ‘Sunray’
    Yo. Echinacea ‘Magnus’
    j. Echincea ‘White Swan’
    k. They erected ‘Azure Fairly’
    he. He;iopsis ‘Summer Sun’
    m. Liatris ‘Floristan White’
    no. Liatris “kobold’
    either. Monarda ‘Marshall’s Delight’
    p. Oenothers missouriensis
    Q. Rudbeckia ‘Goldstrum’
    r. Saccharum ravennae
    s. Scabiosa ‘PinkMist’

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