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Northern Exposure Garden Designs for the home garden, Landscaping designs

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    The Arctic-style winters of the northern United States (Hardiness Zones 3-5) need not be a reason to deny yourself a beautiful garden. many favorites
    Perennials have the wonderful ability to hunker down and hibernate during a long, sub-zero winter, then awake for an intense season of growth and bloom. In fact, many plants actually require this cold dormancy as part of their growing cycle. One of the virtues of northern gardening is the almost-assured blanket of snow that acts as a protective mulch against destructive freeze/thaw fluctuations. However, it’s best to first put down a thick layer of organic mulch (dry straw or chopped leaves) over dormant perennial beds after the ground has frozen. This ensures undisturbed cold storage of plant roots during the winter. Make sure that perennials are not exposed to standing pockets of water and ice; this can kill plants as surely as anything. In summer. high humidity can be a problem in the northern regions; Try to provide good air circulation in the garden to discourage mildew and other diseases. The design offered here will give you a lush, colorful garden that maximizes the all-too-brief summer season; some are varieties your southern counterparts can’t grow. So there is some justice after all

    Helpful Hints

    • Plant your Delphiniums at a spacing closer than recommended, and the plants will support themselves without additional staking.
    • Plant this garden in an area that gets winter sun as well as summer sun, and your garden will arrive earlier in the springtime each year.
    • Problematic watering issues, such as proper drainage and irrigation, are the #1 factor in determining gardening success. Be sure to install a watering system and drainage paths before you plant your perennials.
    • Digging in last year’s mulch and adding new compost in the fall will prepare your garden for the coming spring.


    to. Achillea ‘Paprika’
    b. Alchmemila ‘selsection’
    c. Aquilegia ‘Cardinal’
    d. Centaurea Montana
    and. Delphinium ‘Bellamosum’
    F. Delphinium ‘Blue Mirror’
    g. Dianthus ‘Firewitch’
    h. Geum ‘Mrs.j.bradshaw’
    Yo. Heliopsis ‘Summer Sun’
    j. Iris “new hybrids’
    k. mallow “alba’
    he. Oenothera missouriensis
    m. Platycodon ‘mariesii’
    no. Rubeckia ‘goldstrum’
    either. Sage ‘may night’
    p. Veronica ‘Icicle’

    33 Garden Designs for your home:

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    gaining ground
    Front Door Entrance Design
    Coastal Perennial Garden Design
    White Flower Garden Design
    Grass Garden Design
    Pastel Flower Garden Design
    Rose & Perennial Garden Design
    Bright Colorful Garden Design
    Perennial Corner Garden Design
    Butterfly Hummingbird Design
    Silver & Blue Garden Design
    Bog Garden Design
    Pink Flowers Garden Design
    All Year Flower Garden Design
    privacy matter
    woodland border
    Hosta Shade Garden Design
    Rock Garden Design
    Cold Hardy Perennial Garden Design
    English Garden Border Garden Design
    Driveway Sidewalk Garden Design
    Prairie Garden Design
    Flower Garden Design
    Entrance Shade Garden Design
    Hot & Humid Garden Design
    Flowering Party
    Red White Blue Garden Design
    Late Season Garden Design
    Southwest Dry Garden Design
    Garden for Children
    Butterfly Garden Design
    Hummingbird Garden Design
    Shady Solutions

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