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London Cottage Garden My cottage garden pond – London Cottage Garden

    London Cottage Garden My cottage garden pond - London Cottage Garden

    April 25th, 2023 – Spring gardening, Tips and inspiration

    I’m writing to show you my cottage garden pond and how I’ve been fiddling about with it lately. A small pond is a lovely thing to have in any garden and there’s advice about them everywhere.

    We have had frogs and frogspawn in the past but sadly I’ve seen none now for years. I’m hoping the revamp will encourage wildlife to return. You can see how it looked in 2018 here

    I emptied the pond in February

    by stabbing a few holes in the liner to let the water drain out and then digging the hole a bit deeper in the middle. It’s still only around 30cms deep.

    remaking the cottage garden pond

    A little deeper in the middle

    I relined it and filled it with old pond water and lots of rain water I’d collected.

    new pond liner and old pond water

    New pond liner and old pond water

    I put stones all around it and thought it looked rather fab.

    However a pond expert

    Politely suggested this wasn’t a good idea as the stone edges were a barrier to creatures getting in and out. They look nice but are not as natural and as wildlife friendly as planting would be. I could understand that so I took away most stones and now you can see the edge of the liner sticking up. Stones in the pond are fine and provide hiding places for creatures as well as different levels in the water.

    There also seems to be someone on frog watch.

    newly made cottage garden pond

    looking good

    I’ve decided to plant around the edge to cover the lining so there will be a green seamless circle round the pond.


    I’ve planted ferns, astrantias and epimediums to start with.

    ferns around a cottage garden pond

    Ferns as edging

    I found two newts in the sludge so fingers crossed.

    At first the water was lovely and clear until the sun came out and then it turned into pea soup.

    pea soup pond

    Sunlight turns the water into pea soup

    That was solved by throwing in a straw bundle from the garden center and some oxygenating plants from Amazon. I also bought pond plants from It has taken a week for the water to turn from green to a natural murky brown.

    Clear pond water

    Pond water slowly clearing

    As days pass the pond becomes clearer so I can now see through the water.

    cottage garden pond

    Stones piled up in the corner for creatures to climb in and out

    How it looks today

    I’m very happy with it and will give it time for the planting to cover the liner edge.

    Thanks for reading and have a lovely Spring. Leave your email above if you would like to subscribe to my blog, usually about one a month.

    And lastly, exciting news

    There is a lovely article and super photos of my garden in the May edition of Garden Answers magazine


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