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London Cottage Garden How to introduce a new color in a cottage garden – London Cottage Garden

    London Cottage Garden How to introduce a new color in a cottage garden - London Cottage Garden

    March 28th, 2021 – Tips and inspiration

    A new color in early Spring

    Here’s a way to Introduces a new color in a cottage garden in early Spring.

    Plants can’t always provide you with enough colour, other than lovely green of course.

    In February I bought a yellow chair and put the pots of Jetfire narcissi around it.

    yellow daffodils yellow chair in a cottage garden

    A chair from Fermob and the narcissi are Jetfire

    All winter the splash of color had been this blue chair and table but simply changing the chair color has made a big difference.

    Introduce a new color in a cottage garden

    Blue is a lovely cottage garden colour, blending in with greens.

    Color attracts your eye

    Looking out the back door suddenly your eye is stopped by the new color right outside, an instant change which I wouldn’t get from planting at this time of year. Having seen how the yellow was just right, I then went mad and got a matching tiny table.

    It’s because of the daffodils that it looks such fun. When they are over, something contrasting in a pot on the table will look great too. Maybe one of the pots of tulips I have around the place and later on a few pelargoniums in a coral shade. Even some green ferns would look nice.

    Just right for a chilly morning coffee.

    new color in a cottage garden

    Green ferns, yellow and blue and a Crown Derby coffee cup

    For a few weeks yellow will be the predominant colour. Then when the daffodils are finished the chair will still be there but may not be the stand out colour. It’s the same mid tone as the blue pots and the colored chairs. Not pastel, not neon but a mid tone.

    Yellow and red/blue/purple

    At my front door I perch on this red chair to sit in the sun.

    color in the garden

    It’s wonky but I can perch if I’m careful

    It’s not level but it’s safe enough. I also swap the chairs around, sometimes a purple one and sometimes a blue one. I realize you have to spend money on the chairs in the first place but what an investment, so mobile, flexible, useful and long lasting. Plants have a habit of dying sometimes but a chair never dies.

    A pot in a new color

    Lastly I injected a totally new color in the front garden simply by buying a small royal blue pot for some early daffodils and placing it on the purple table. Look how the purple, blue, yellow and green look right together. Again, all mid tone colours, not too harsh and not too pale.

    Introduce a new color into your garden

    Introduce a new color into your garden

    Here’s a snapshot of the back garden. You can see working backwards the yellow narcissi, red pot, blue table, yellow chair, purple trug and even the yellow walls in our kitchen.

    color in a cottage garden

    5 colors in a row

    I hope this has given you some ideas for flexible new colors in the garden. I’ve written more about it in a previous blog How to use color in the cottage garden style

    My yellow chair is made by Fermob, a French company but you can buy them and many similar easily online.

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