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Entry Shade Garden Designs for the home garden, Landscaping designs

    Entry Shade Garden Designs for the home garden, Landscaping designs

    Have you grown weary of the all-too-common Juniper-and-Yew combination that flanks your front door? Wouldn’t it be nice to create a setting
    that says “Welcome” in a charming, personal way? That task is challenging if you have a front yard that gets only a few hours of sun during the day. Inspired by the natural beauty of a woodland garden, this design offers a tapestry of variegated foliage, contrasting textures, and cheerful shade-loving flowers. The blooms begin in midspring and continue through early fall, with an ever-changing display throughout the season. Consider planting several attractive, shade-tolerant evergreen shrubs near your front door as the backdrop for your garden: a large-leaf white or pink Rhododendron, a compact spreading Yew, and a couple of Inkberry Holly shrubs (Ilex glabra). An unusual variegated shrub, the elegant Sambucas Marginata; Serves as a small tree in this plan. Before planting, work lots of organic material into your soil; Woodland plants thrive in a fertile, moderately moist environment. Once established, this entry garden will greet your visitors with style.

    Helpful Hints

    • Eliminating or substituting for the chelone oblique will make this garden a Zone 4 collection.
    • Add shade-tolerant trees and shrubs to your entrance garden
      to create an attractive backdrop for this shady perennial border.
    • If you desire a shady entrance garden, plant sun-loving trees
      and shrubs that will create a canopy of shade for your entrance.
    • Shade perennials often require a much more moist and fertile soil than do sunny borders. Digging in plenty of organic compost and layering with mulch will help retain moisture and fertility.


    to. Achemilla ‘Selection
    b. Anemone sylvetris
    c. Aquilegia ‘Dove’
    d. Aquilegia ‘Robin’
    and. Astilbe ‘Bridal Veli’
    F. Astilbe ‘Hennie Graafland’
    g. Astilbe ‘Rhineland’
    h. Astilbe ‘Sprite’
    Yo. chelone oblique
    j. Deschampsia ‘Tautrager’
    k. dicentra spectabilis
    he. Gallium odoratum
    m. Geranium blood. var. striatum
    no. Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’
    either. Hosta ‘Flavocircinalis’
    p. ‘French’ Hosta
    Q. Hosta ‘Golden’ Tiara’
    r. Lamium ‘Pink Pewter’
    s. Polemonium ‘Heavenly Habit’

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