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Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden Design for the home garden, Landscaping designs

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    flowers butterfly garden

    As pleasing to our eyes as it is to its winged visitors, this garden shimmers in scarlet, purple, orange, and yellow, the vibrant colors most attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. The selected perennials also feature fragrance and special characteristics—clusters of small flowers and tubular forms—essential to drawing your small guests. The Butterfly Bush (Buddleia) and Caryopteris …. Shrubs provide shelter for delicate butterfly wings on windy days. Don’t forget to provide a source of water; Butterflies prefer sipping from a shallow container filled with gravel and water. And place a few attractive flat stones in your garden where butterflies can bask in the sun. For optimal results, hang a hummingbird feeder near your garden, since these tiny birds must feed almost nonstop. Plant this garden in full sun for best results; more than a few hours of shade will result in decreased flowering and less vigorous growth. The ornamental Grasses have been included to lend grace, texture, and year-long beauty to your garden.

    Helpful hints

    • Using a Grass such as Calamagrostis’Karl Foerster’ instead of the Buddleia could make this garden a Zone 5 collection.
    • Place a water source nearby for birds to bathe in and also a shallow butterfly basin filled with sand and stones to attract monarchs.
    • Add shrubs such as Lilacs, Veigela, and Flowering Crab Apples to attract and provide shelter for hummingbirds.
    • Grow Dill, Fennel, and Parsley nearby to promote and encourage successful swallowtail larvae.


    to. Achillea ‘paprika’
    b. Buddeia ‘nanho purple’
    c. Caryoptersis ‘longwood blue’
    d. Delphinium ‘white house’
    and. Deschampsia ‘bronze Veli’
    F. Echinacea ‘magnus’
    g. Liatris ‘kobold’
    h. Monarda ‘garrdenveiw scarlet’
    Yo. Origanum ‘herrenhausen’
    j. Pennisetum ‘hameln’
    k. Pennstmon ‘elfin pink’
    he. Phlox ‘david’
    m. Scabiosa ‘butterfly blue’

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