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Bright Colorful Garden Designs for the home garden, Landscaping designs

    Bright Colorful Garden Designs for the home garden, Landscaping designs
    colorful landscape design

    If a vibrant, sizzling garden color is what you’re looking for, this design is made to order. Fiery shades of golden-yellow, orange, and scarlet are the attention-getters here, but it is the addition of complementary rich purple and cooling lavender that makes the combination distinctive. Silvery Artemisia and Buddleia foliage, along with feathery ornamental Grasses, serve not only as mediators between the bold colors but also as structural elements that will lend year-round beauty to the border. Reaching its full glory at the height of summer, the show will continue well into early fall, thanks to late-flowering Asters and ornamental Grasses joining the parade of prolific summer bloomers.

    To use this strong color scheme most effectively, remember that bright colors appear darker than they actually are. So a garden area viewed from a distance is a perfect location for your hot-color border. The beauty of this energizing combination is not only its visual appeal but its ease of upkeep. All of the plants chosen for this list do well in normal garden soil and don’t need much water. These tough, easy-care varieties will give you year after year of low-maintenance, long-season enjoyment.

    Helpful hints

    • Bright Colorful is a garden to be viewed from a distance. Plant away from paths and entry ways to capture the visual appeal of intense colours.
    • If you are fond of Grasses, add more, such as calamagrostis ‘Karl Foerster,’Stipa very tenuous, and miscanthus ‘Gracillimus’
    • You can have a hummingbird haven by adding more Buddleia of different colors, such as ‘Sungold,”Harlequin,’ and ‘White Profusion’
    • Be sure to give the larger Grasses and Buddleias plenty of space, at least three feet between plants.


    to. Achillea ‘paprike’
    b. Artemisia ‘powis castle’
    c. Artemisia ‘silver brocade’
    d. Aster ‘purple dome’
    and. Buddies ‘nanho purple’
    F. Calamagrostis arun. Var. brach.
    g. Coreepsis ‘baby sun’
    h. Deschampsia ‘Bronze Veli’
    Yo. Euphotbia polychroma
    j. Heliopsis ‘summer sun’
    k. knautia macedonica
    he. Miscanthus ‘sarabande’
    m. Monarda ‘mahogany’
    no. Nepta ‘six hills giant’
    either. Penstemon ‘scarlet queen’
    p. Rudbeckia ‘goldstrum’
    Q. Sage ‘may night’

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