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Beetroot masterclass: best expert content

    Beetroot masterclass: best expert content
    Small circular beetroot with roots

    Beetroot ‘Pablo’ F1 hybrid holds a coveted RHS Award of Garden Merit for performance
    Image: Thompson & Morgan

    Looking for tried-and-tested tips for growing your own beetroot? Then browse this collection of helpful articles, videos and Insta posts. Filled with expert advice from those in the know, these nuggets of wisdom will help you with everything from sowing the seeds to cooking your healthy harvest of fresh beets.

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    Yellow beetroot on table

    Beetroot ‘Boldor’ has deep orange skin and bright golden flesh
    Image: Thompson & Morgan

    Not all beetroot is purple! Beetroot ‘Boldor’ is a golden variety with a delicious, sweet flavor and flesh that won’t stain your hands like the darker purple varieties. Take a look through our top ten most popular beetroot varieties to find some new, exciting and flavorful suggestions to try at home.


    Different colored beetroot

    Harvest time is the best time to see the beauty of colorful beets
    Picture: @littleblueshed

    Planting a mix of beets is a great way to get more color into your diet! Instagrammer Katherine @littleblueshed Grows a mix of ‘Boltardy’, ‘Chioggia’ and golden beetroot varieties. “They look amazing chopped up or grated over summer salads,” she says. Visit her post for an interesting theory about the beautiful concentric rings found inside this attractive root veg.

    Rebecca Tute – Thompson & Morgan

    Rainbow colored beetroot

    Grow a fun mixture of different colored beetroots using the ‘Rainbow Beet’ mix
    Image: Thompson & Morgan

    Debating whether to sow beetroot seeds this year? Take a few moments to read about all the incredible health benefits of this versatile wonder-veg in Rebecca Tute’s article for Thompson & Morgan. Among many other wonderful nutrients, beets are especially high in folic acid and iron. From a health perspective, Rebecca argues that beetroot definitely earns its place, as well as being easy to grow.

    Ben –

    Beetroot seedlings in pot

    Beetroot seedlings are a striking color

    Did you know that beetroot seeds are, in fact, clumps of multiple seeds? This is why you can sometimes end up with multiple plants sprouting from one seed, explains Ben Vanheems at Beetroot seeds are quite large because of this, and much easier to sow than smaller veggies. Start popping them in the soil from mid-spring.

    charles dowding

    Man sowing beetroot in modular seed tray

    Sow your beetroot seeds in a modular seed tray with sieved compost
    Picture: charles dowding

    You can multi-sow your beetroot seeds, four to a cell, explains ‘No Dig’ expert and YouTuber charles dowding. Don’t worry about space, he says, as the seedlings can be transplanted in clumps of four and will push each other apart as they develop. This method allows you to use less compost and get more out of your precious growing space! Watch Charles’ video to see how he does it.

    Darren Hardwood

    Sowing beetroot seeds in container

    Beetroot seeds can also be direct sown in containers
    Picture: Darren Hardwood

    If you’re a little short on space, sow your beetroot seeds into a large patio container like YouTuber Darren Hardwood. In Darren’s video, he demonstrates how to direct sow the seeds in May, evenly spreading them about two inches apart onto multi-purpose compost. “In eight to ten weeks we’ll be eating the most delicious, nutritious, scrumptious, most yummy diddly-umptious beetroots,he says. Sounds like a no-brainer to us!

    John–Allotment & Gardens

    Red beetroot with white and pink rings

    Beetroot ‘Chioggia’ has beautiful concentric rings of pink through the root
    Image: Thompson & Morgan

    Give your beetroot plants plenty of water during the growing season, says allotment wizard John at Allotments & Gardens. Lots of water prevents woody, cracked roots at harvest time. You can also boost your crop by sprinkling some nitrogen-rich chicken manure pellets on the soil around the plants, he says. Read his full article for more excellent advice.


    Beetroot leaves next to nasturtium

    Beetroot leaves look fabulous alongside the companion plant nasturtium
    Picture: @kim_stoddart

    Beetroot leaves are really delicious,” begins climate champion @kim_stoddart. Her leaves are either cooked like spinach, or added raw to salads. They’re such a useful ingredient, she recommends deliberately leaving a few beets in the ground “for extra pickings over winter.” For even more ideas on making the most of your growing space, as well as clever tips on saving waste, follow Kim on Insta or visit her website.

    Sophie & Ade – Agents of Field

    Beetroot and ginger soup with creme fraiche

    Beetroot gives food a super deep red color
    Picture: Agents of Field

    Need a heartwarming recipe for all your fresh beetroot? Look no further than Sophie’s beetroot and ginger soup over at Agents of Field. It’s comforting and earthy, with a welcome, warming hint of ginger,” she says. Just the thing for a chilly autumn day, and one of many delicious recipes from the kitchen of this green-fingered couple.


    Three different colored beetroot

    Beetroot is such a vibrant root vegetable
    Image: Shutterstock

    You can steam it, roast it, and eat it raw. It’s great in slaws and in burgers or in hummus. You can even put it in cakes (beetroot and chocolate),” enthuse the Instagramming allotmenteers Emma and David over at @the_wellybobbers. Beetroot is one of the most versatile vegetables, they say, and the possibilities are endless! Follow them on Insta for delicious serving suggestions and a generous slice of the good life!

    Sam – @sams_growing_n_life

    Homemade beetroot chutney

    Transform your beetroot into tasty preserves and sauces
    Picture: @sams_growing_n_life

    Got a glutton in your hands? Transform your beetroot into a delicious chutney like Instagrammer Sam at @sams_growing_n_life. “I can promise you once you’ve eaten this, you’ll discover this is the tastiest way to preserve it!” Check out Sam’s post for the full recipe.

    Looking for even more inspiration and advice? Head over to our dedicated beetroot and chard resource page to pick up growing tips, recipes and more. Keep up to date with our latest articles, growing guides and products by following us on instagram or Twitter.

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