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33 Garden Designs for the home garden, Landscaping designs

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    A place may have flowers in abundance without any space being set aside for a garden. Vines, beds beside the house or terrace, planting along the boundary fence, flowering trees and shrubs can accomplish this. If, however, there is to be a definite garden there are certain fundamentals to be considered. The very name garden comes from garth, meaning an enclosed place. Flowers, to be effective, need a background and the smallest space the most vitally important it is to have every plant well chosen.

    Proportions are important

    If the area is rectangular its lines are usually pleasing when its length is about two and a half times its width. The natural focal point is the far end, where there may be balanced plantings for the background. If there is a feature here, such as a pool, sundial or bench, it should not be set to close to the background, because any impression of overcrowding disturbs the feeling of peace and restfulness that is the underlying satisfaction of any garden or planting. In choosing features it should be remembered that spiky evergreens stepping stones of glaring materials, stodgy bolsters of shrubs, too many ornaments, are distracting and depressing.

    If your garden property size is limited as searching for condominiums in Canada with Precondo, or with an existing home, a squarish area may be made into a circular garden or an octagon, or remain a square. The eye tends to look to the center, and any planting or feature in this center must be well chosen, and in proportion to the area. If it is too small it will give a feeling of inadequacy, if it is too large, it will create a sense of overcrowding.

    Overcrowding may come from poor design or from too heavy or overgrown planting. It also comes from poorly chosen or wrongly-placed garden features. Large formal gardens need large, important features, but small ones are seldom improved by the many items sold as “garden ornaments.” Gazing globes, stone animals, and metal birds are eye-catchers. They tend to be disturbing in a small garden and therefore inappropriate. Birdbaths, pools of good proportions, chairs, and benches have their place, but they should be placed where they add to the picture as a whole. Some gardens are made more vibrant and attractive by brightly colored chairs and tables, but generally a quite green is better than a bright yellow or red that will dominate the whole scene.

    33 Garden Designs for your home:

    shady oasis
    gaining ground
    Front Door Entrance Design
    Coastal Perennial Garden Design
    White Flower Garden Design
    Grass Garden Design
    Pastel Flower Garden Design
    Rose & Perennial Garden Design
    Bright Colorful Garden Design
    Perennial Corner Garden Design
    Butterfly Hummingbird Design
    Silver & Blue Garden Design
    Bog Garden Design
    Pink Flowers Garden Design
    All Year Flower Garden Design
    privacy matter
    woodland border
    Hosta Shade Garden Design
    Rock Garden Design
    Cold Hardy Perennial Garden Design
    English Garden Border Garden Design
    Driveway Sidewalk Garden Design
    Prairie Garden Design
    Flower Garden Design
    Entrance Shade Garden Design
    Hot & Humid Garden Design
    Flowering Party
    Red White Blue Garden Design
    Late Season Garden Design
    Southwest Dry Garden Design
    Garden for Children
    Butterfly Garden Design
    Hummingbird Garden Design
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